ProEx Generated $1 Million in Revenue from using Sylectus Software


After trying Selectus’ web based transportation management system, ProEx immediately saw that the system paid for itself. Within a week, ProEx recouped its original costs; currently ProEx gains an additional one million dollars of revenue per year from using the Sylectus software alone.

The web based transportation system eliminated costs substantially.   It not only offered 24/7 online tracking capabilities, gave customers access to online documents and invoices, but also made it possible for ProEx to collaborate with drivers and other carriers to ensure that their customers received the best rates available.

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About Sylectus:

Sylectus is a software company specializing in transportation management. Their innovative software connects trucking companies and logistics experts online, making it easy for transportation companies to offer consumers the best rates in the business.

About ProEx

ProEx is a transportation company with over thirty years of experience in local, regional, and international shipping. ProEx has shipping solutions for every business. You can rely on us for efficient and cost-effective solutions for your national and international transportation needs. Our services include local courier delivery, expedited ground, long haul, regional and local freight delivery, government contracts, air freight, ocean cargo, intermodal management, consolidation, and warehousing.

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